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Plagiarism Essay

Avoid unintentional plagiarism in summary and paraphrase. 
Substituting synonyms for some or most of the words in an author’s passage does not avoid plagiarism. When you summarize or paraphrase, you should use your own sentence structure and your own words. Even if you are careful to cite your source, your writing can still be regarded as plagiarized if it too closely resembles the original in its words or sentence structure.
Even when you are careful to use your own words in a summary or paraphrase, you still need to give readers the source of the information. You can avoid unintentional plagiarism by keeping careful notes and citing all references to the ideas of others, even when you state those ideas in your own words.
Put yourself in your plagiarism essay         
Plagiarism often occurs when a writer has not been able to connect with the material and form responses to it.
Make sure that you leave plenty of time to think about what you have read, organize ideas, and do some free writing to establish your own connections to the topic. Avoid sitting down to write a paper at the last minute, surrounded by library books or stacks of photocopies. Not only might you be tempted to lift material in this scenario, you will also produce a lifeless paper. By using many documented quotations, you technically avoid plagiarism, but you will not engage your readers.
Readers do not want to read a string of quotations, one after the other. Remember that the paper is your work, not just a collection of other people’s words, and your identity, as the writer, should be clearly evident. Always ask yourself, “Why am I telling my readers this?” Anything that you summarize, refer to, or quote should serve to illustrate a point that you want to make. It should not be included in the paper for its own sake

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