What Defines GREAT Company Culture?

The term “company culture” gets thrown around a lot. There are thousands of articles and studies out there—on topics like the impact of culture on productivity, the importance of flexibility and evolution of company culture, how to maintain company culture as you scale and everything in between. Despite the ever-increasing dialogue —or perhaps because of it—”company culture” has become a

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6 Important Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

At the very end of almost every job interview, recruiters are likely to ask you whether you’ve got any questions. This moment can be tricky. If you think that by answering negatively, you seem well-informed and in no need for further information, you’re wrong. This answer might send a message that you’re not interested or enthusiastic enough about the position.

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5 Steps to Hire Better Talent

1) Build an Exciting Company & Culture: The best companies will most often attract the best people. So the first step to hire better talent is to build an exciting company that great people want to work for. One of the most powerful and sustainable motivators is the sense of meaning derived from the work you do. The excitement you

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5 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

1) Don’t impose fear: If you’re making your employees feel fearful and uncomfortable in the workplace, you’re obviously doing something wrong. Fear-mongering in the workplace is a way that bad bosses get the results they need. They use incentives, pit employees against each other and even use the threat of being fired to boost productivity. It may work in the

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Finding Career Direction

Discover how to find career direction, with James Manktelow & Amy Carlson. How long has it been since you asked yourself what you want to be when you grow up? If you haven’t considered the idea since high school, then you may have settled into a job that is not fulfilling your professional aspirations, or your purpose. Each of us

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